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Anjaan – Movie Review – Stay Away!

Sunday, August 17th, 2014

Just came back after watching Tamil Movie, Anjaan, the latest Suriya movie at City Centre. What a waste of three hours of my life! Here is my review of Anjaan movie – in a single sentence – I wish I had not gone for this.

As I have a personal faith in Suriya’s acting, happened to go for the 9am show on a Sunday! What a disappointment.


Anjaan is the story of a Bombay don, Raju Bhai – as it is a movie taken in Tamil, his name is spelt as ‘Raju Bai’ (like in Meera Bai!). Raju Bai also has a close friend, who looks too cute to be a gangster. There is more chemistry between Raju Bai and his friend, than between Raju Bai and his girl friend.

The story goes like this:
The first scene of original Don movie, then the fourth scene of Nayagan movie, then the sixth scene of Don 2, then the eleventh scene of Vijay’s Pokkiri movie, with the core concept, that Raju Bai can always beat up 100 people at any given time, retained intact throughout the movie. In every scene you are left guessing with one consistent thought: I have watched this scene in some movie before!

Suriya has acted quite well and has always lived up to the expectations. Wish he picked a better movie to act in!

Samantha looks wierd – she used to look very cute – something is wierd about her in the movie – not sure what it is.

There is also a new commissioner of police who started rounding up bad guys, but then felt too bored to be in the movie after the first half and so disappeared in the second half. By the way, there is also the daughter of the old man who disappears and Samantha takes her place – dont ask where she went – no idea.

Then there is a supposed to be comedian taxi driver who comes in the first scene and a few scenes in between and finally in the last scene. I really wish he was funny!

The songs have a speciality in this movie – they have been taken in such a way that they can be inserted in the movie in between any scenes of your choice. Since the director had the option to decide, he inserted them wherever he liked. Kudos for making them so flexible!

The last scene of the movie had a good twist – slightly unexpected and the villian was dealt with in a smart way – but other than that, we were all waiting to run away from the theatre.

I am taking a break from Suriya movies until 2016. Lets see how it goes at that time, but definitely not before that.

Queen – Hindi Movie Review

Monday, July 7th, 2014

Got a chance to watch Queen, with Kangana Ranaut in the lead role.

The thing that impressed me about the movie was the positive angle with which the entire movie has been taken. Even in serious scenes, the director has found a way to bring in a touch of humour and that is amazing.


Queen is all about how a young girl from a conservative family gets to explore the world and learns about really being happy.

She goes to Europe, makes new friends, and realizes what it is to live for yourself. This experience gives her the courage to come back to India and give back to the ex-fiance and his family what role they deserve to play in her life.

The last time I saw Kangana Ranaut was in the movie Fashion. I am 100% convinced that Kangana has amazing talent and it has just been under utilized in the industry.

Varuthapadatha Valibar Sangam – Ok Movie

Tuesday, September 10th, 2013

Varuthapadatha Valibar Sangam is a movie intended by the producers and director as a full time pass movie. I felt it was a ‘part time’ time pass movie (once in five minutes I felt there was a good joke worth laughing!)

Siva Karthikeyan has been the latest entrant in the list of new tamil heroes. The rate of new heroes is going up rapidly in the past few years, but Siva Karthikeyan seems to be here to stay with his consistent performances in the past few movies.


Sri Divya is the heroine and she looks pretty in her school uniform – and for a first timer, has done a very good job in the movie.

Sathyaraj plays the role of the father of the heroine and adds a lot of flair to the movie. I would say, without him the movie would have lost the missing link in the movie.

The story starts with our hero Siva Karthikeyan, who plays the role of a young guy who does not do anything useful in life, who tries to get the teacher from the girls school to fall in love with him, ends up falling in love with Satyaraj’s daughter. From then on, it is all about how he fights it out with Satyaraj.

The story is a flashback explained after Satyaraj is arrested for killing his daughter Sri Divya and Siva Karthikeyan and is actually told in a very interesting way.

Do not go for this movie after a heavy dinner as you will fall asleep – as at times in the middle you feel like it is too boring – but just when you are about to doze off, you will come across one or two very good timing jokes – mostly taking a dig at the parents or girls who are opposed to one sided love proposals from the young boys. Such jokes attracted a lot of cheering from the youth in the theatre – I am guessing they got someone to support their moves in this aspect.

The songs are ok, nothing great about it – one of the songs is sung by Siva Karthikeyan himself.

Overall, I am not sure what social message they want to give to the audience, but I felt the message was: Stand in front of a girl’s school, keep trying one girl or the other and some one will fall in love with you if you continue to persist – then some how convince the girl into marrying you and the father in law will take care of your future. What a pathetic message! I am glad this movie did not claim to be a serious movie and is projected as a full time pass movie.

In any case, for time pass sake, it is a movie that can be watched once – but definitely not more than once!

Vazhakku Enn 18/9 – Awesome But Sad Movie

Sunday, May 27th, 2012

Got a chance to watch Vazhakku Enn 18/9 Tamil Movie at Escape Cinemas last weekend. This is one of the best movies I have seen in the past few years in Tamil.

Vazhakku Enn 18/9 is a movie about how a boy from a poor family and a girl from a similar family fall in love due to various circumstances in their lives and how it leads them into their future together. The story treats the audience with a good blend of the life style of poor, middle and richer class people in Chennai, with reality shock given to many people who did not know about such unfair incidents happening around the world in daily life.

This movie is a must watch for any one wanting to see some good acting by all the characters in the movie.

The movie starts with a flash back about the hero Velu (played by Sri).


Kites – Movie Review – Depressing Movie

Wednesday, November 9th, 2011

Happened to watch a depressing movie called Kites on Netflix.

This movie is all about how things can be done in a wrong manner in life and how things can go wrong all the time.

Hrithik Roshan is the hero and he is a US citizen living in Las Vegas. He plays the role of a crook, who marries 11 times to cheat the Government and get Green Cards for people in exchange for money.

He is also a dance teacher, teaching for 100 Dollars per week – one good thing was that Hrithik showed some good dance moves in this movie, which are quite different from his usual monotonous dance movies we have been seeing from his first movie.


Chillar Party – Movie Review – Good time pass

Wednesday, November 9th, 2011

Just finished watching Chillar Party.

Chillar Party is a children’s movie made just for kids. I am quite sure old people will find this movie boring, but if you are young at heart, you might enjoy it.

Chillar Party is the story about how the kids in a colony get together to fight a battle against all odds in saving a dog that belongs to their friend. They battle it out with a minister to save the dog and finally win.

The movie gets more and more exciting as each scene progresses, maintaining the funny side to it from start to finish. The way in which the kids talk and maintain the momentum in the movie is amazing. In every scene, the director has made sure there is a message that teaches good things to kids.


Delhi Belly – Movie Review

Saturday, November 5th, 2011

Got a new Netflix account today and watched Delhi Belly movie.

Delhi Belly is a movie produced under Aamir Khan Productions and has Aamir’s nephew, Imran Khan as the hero.

Imran Khan lives with his two friends, Vir Das and Kunaal Roy Kapur in a rented place, with the three guys barely able to afford the rent for the place. These friends have a happy-go-lucky attitude and that gives a fun filled start to the movie.

Imran’s girl friend is Shenaz Treasurywala, who unknowingly assists a diamond smuggler and puts Imran and his friends in trouble. Meanwhile, Imran gets close to his colleague, Poorna Jegannathan, who later joins him and his friends to help them all out from the mess.


Veppam – Movie Review – Interesting Movie

Friday, November 4th, 2011

I got a chance to watch Veppam movie at PVR Cinemas in Chennai in August. Just realized I missed writing about it.

Veppam is a movie that we happened to watch because we did not get tickets for some other nice movie that was running at the same time in PVR.

Veppam is a movie about three friends who grow up together and how their lives take interesting turns and finally end up peacefully ( 🙂 actually the movie ends with a lot of violence, so peacefully might not be the right word here).

Gautam Menon has co-produced this movie and that shows he is slowly entering into producing line, after a good exposure to this business as a director.

Nani (Karthik) and Karthik Kumar (Vishnu) are friends who grow up together. Nithya Menon plays the role of Revathy, who is also friends from childhood with Karthik and is in love with him. The movie is all about how the friends react to unexpected situations and how the movie ends with a lot of suspense and keeps us guessing till the last scene.


Velayudham – Movie Review – Extremely Hopeless Movie

Sunday, October 30th, 2011

Just came back after Watching Velayudham at Big Cinemas here. Oh My God! The most horrible movie I have seen in a long time. I also have a few serious questions for Vijay (at the end of this blog post).

Velayudham is the masala story of a milkman trying to eradicate corruption, first unknowingly, then knowingly. This is a direct copy of Assassin’s Creed without any exceptions. The start of the movie gives a good idea of how the movie will end, but never expected the end to be the worst one I have seen in many years.

Genelia looks like a direct import from the north, with zero tamil accent – but at least her dialogues are original and she speaks exactly the way she knows it. Hansika Motwani is another heroine in this movie, who looks much bigger in size when compared to Genelia.

Vijay is introduced with just what you expect from a funny Vijay movie, without any serious story build up. The scene in the train when Vijay makes everyone eat the food cooked by his sister is the best. Santhanam comes as ‘Speed’ and is consistently excellent in the timely delivery of his dialogues. Until this point the movie is exactly what we expect from a good time pass movie.

If you are seriously thinking of watching this movie, see if you can enter into a deal with the guy at the ticket counter to sell you the ticket for half price in return for watching only till the interval – that would be the best deal you could get for this movie.

After the interval, as each scene goes, the quality of the movie goes down and down, and finally achieves the most horrible level towards the end of the movie.

WARNING: Some of the content below this might be too dramatic for many people to take. Please read at your own risk 🙂