Happened to watch a depressing movie called Kites on Netflix.

This movie is all about how things can be done in a wrong manner in life and how things can go wrong all the time.

Hrithik Roshan is the hero and he is a US citizen living in Las Vegas. He plays the role of a crook, who marries 11 times to cheat the Government and get Green Cards for people in exchange for money.

He is also a dance teacher, teaching for 100 Dollars per week – one good thing was that Hrithik showed some good dance moves in this movie, which are quite different from his usual monotonous dance movies we have been seeing from his first movie.

In his dance class, a rich girl falls in love with him, and he fools around with her to get her money. The heroine in the movie is a mexican lady, who also fools around with Hrithik’s girl friend’s brother for his money.  If you thought the rich kids are nice ones, they show the brother and his dad killing anyone who tries to cheat at their casino. Overall, this movie tries to maintain its level of consistency in depressing negativity throughout the movie.

The story revolves around these two falling in love and the rest of the story is the usual Hindia masala movie.

The ending scene is the best, which no one would have anticipated. There are four cars chasing the herione’s car and she is cornered in her car, with a cliff in front of her and the four cars right behind her. She stops for a minute (yes it is for one full minute), and while the bad guy comes walking towards her in slow motion. Guess what she does? She sends an SMS to the hero saying ‘I am going..sorry..forget me’. I could not help laughing..I guess if she had data plan on her cell phone, she would have sent a facebook message, twitter message, an email and might have even written a blog during that time. I hope I dont give new ideas to this director for his future movies 🙂

In any case, if you come across ‘Kites movie’ in the future, please run away for your own safety.