Many of my friends asked me for the meaning of Kolaveri after listening to the Why This Kolaveri di song, which is making waves on youtube and social media.

For my friends who do not know Tamil, here is the meaning:

Kolaveri is made of two words ‘Kola’ and ‘Veri’. Kola means Love, Veri comes from the english word Very. So by now you should have guessed it, yes, is very much in love 🙂

So the singer is asking this girl, why are you very much in love. The entire song is around this logic. I hope you enjoy the song.

Please feel free to express your love to anyone you want by simply saying ‘I have Kolaveri for you’.

Update: I found a remix of this song already on YouTube.


4 thoughts on “What is the meaning of Kolaveri?”
  1. It’s great isn’t it. It’s got all the ingredients great rhyhtm, simple chorus, bounce and a little self-deprecation to make you smile. If you were to search youtube for this you’d be forgiven for thinking that the whole of India is singing this at the moment. Apparently they’re digging it in Afghanistan (!) and there is even a Chinese version. It has been raved about on BBC Radio London recently. I can’t wait for it to break nationally in the UK. It would be amazing to have an Indian song in the charts (given our several million Indian population here).

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