Got a chance to watch Vazhakku Enn 18/9 Tamil Movie at Escape Cinemas last weekend. This is one of the best movies I have seen in the past few years in Tamil.

Vazhakku Enn 18/9 is a movie about how a boy from a poor family and a girl from a similar family fall in love due to various circumstances in their lives and how it leads them into their future together. The story treats the audience with a good blend of the life style of poor, middle and richer class people in Chennai, with reality shock given to many people who did not know about such unfair incidents happening around the world in daily life.

This movie is a must watch for any one wanting to see some good acting by all the characters in the movie.

The movie starts with a flash back about the hero Velu (played by Sri).

Velu is born in a remote village in Tamil Nadu, works in a remote location in North India like a bonded labourer, then reaches Chennai and settles down working for a road side food stall owner.

The heroine is Jothi (played by Urmila) who works in an apartment as a domestic helper. Throughout the movie she speaks with her eye movements and subtle body language only. Even in the end of the movie, there is something in her looks that brings out the emotions very well.

Both the hero and the heroine of the movie have blended into their respective roles with a level of innocence visible in their characters, as projected by the story line.

The comedian role is filled by the guy who is the hero’s assistant in the food stall. He gives nice dialogues which keeps the hero grounded with reality.

There are many other roles in the movie which have been played very well by the respective characters. The role of the inspector, who makes sure he gets benefited at all times is one. The rich lady, the mother of the boy in the apartment, also has played her role nicely, showing how tactfully some people get their work done. Same can be said about the girl and the boy in the apartment complex, and their short love affair. Overall, the director has made sure the movie does not lose steam at any point in time during the movie.

One similarity I have noticed in the recent years in tamil cinema is that movies which touch upon a common man’s lifestyle, culminating in a serious incident, appears to have captured the hearts of the audience.  Such movies are a definite relief when compared to the horrible so called blockbuster movies from leading artists. (Please see my previous blogs for some of the hopeless movies I have watched in the past year).

Since I do not like watching movies with sad ending, I ended up feeling sad after watching the movie.

Overall, I highly recommend watching this movie.