Happened to see this picture, where I thought it was the Indian Army jawans that formed a human bridge to save victims from the floods in Sikkim.

Thought should share it here. Later, got a comment from Sunit giving the clarification that this is not the Indian Army but the PLA of China. I checked the You Tube link and he is right, they are speaking in Chinese, so cannot be the Indian Army 🙂

May be I should also have known from the uniform better! In any case, this act by the PLA of China is really commendable. Something to learn from!


3 thoughts on “Not Indian Army – Human Bridge by PLA of China”
    1. You are right Sunit. Just saw the video link you gave and realized it is not the Indian Army but the PLA of China.

      I apologise for this one..as it was ignorance on my part. Will update the content now.

  1. With respect to PLA of China who have done a commendable job (too small a word) the digital world fools others timing them appropriately. SO SORRY ……. Even I shared it albeit without any comment in my STATUS thinking it as in Kerala / Coorg (INDIA).

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