Just happened to watch an impressive performance of a little girl called Kavya from Virginia. She has sung Twinkle Twinkle Little star song in many different accents.

The way in which she has performed this is impressive. The level of maturity she has shown in the delivery of this song shows the amount of hard work that must have gone into the preparation.

Though the concept and most of the words have been copied from 1980s Balachandar’s tamil movie, which was refined by Revathy Sankaran in her remake of it, this kid has pulled it off in her own style with further refinement by adding Georgia accent, Russian and Italian accents.

I was so amazed at her performance that I spent some time finding out who this kid is. I was amazed by various talents this kid has. Now I know two things about this kid:

1. The kid is extremely talented and gifted. She knows how to speak, dance and sing. (Just see her videos uploaded by her father and you will agree with me)

2. Her parents are really interested in making sure she learns various things in life and also work hard enough to perfect them and execute them as per plan.

Hats off to Kavya and her parents.