Hello 2012


Jan 29, 2012


I got a chance finally to write in 2012 🙂

It has been a month since I came to Chennai, but never thought Chennai would make sure I dont even login to my blog for this long.

With an opportunity to spend more time with my parents, 2012 has given me an amazing start.

The past one month in Chennai has helped me learn about so many things about our Chennai culture (most of which is applicable to culture in India), I intend to write about it as much as I can. Here are some examples:

  1. Customer Service: Customer service (or the lack of) is an area where there is a huge gap between what a customer is promised and what they are given after the sale is done. 90% of the time, you will see that customers are left with a bad taste in the after sales support experience.  I learnt what an amazing opportunity we have here, to provide awesome customer service and grab this market away from all those providing bad customer support.
  2. Time Management: People just commit to a time and are always an hour late. I am worried I might be getting this bug, as I noticed doing this myself once or twice.

I have many such examples and I intend to spend quite a bit of time on each topic to learn more about them. Such gaps fascinate me as I look at the opportunity that exists to fill those gaps.

In any case, more to write about this and many more topics soon.