Today I came across the website where Bill Gates blogs actively. This site is called The Gates Notes.

I got a chance to read quite  few blogs that he had written and I was amazed at the level of information that he has gathered during the past few years.

As many of us know, Bill Gates has now retired from active participation at Microsoft, and is actively working on various social initiatives, aimed at making the world a better place to live in.

I liked the way he has organized his blogs. It has a separate section for all the books he has read, and groups the books by category. (I am now tempted to rearrange my books section of this blog to be more description and categorized).

He also has a separate section called Personal, where he answers various questions asked by kids all over the world. This reminded me of Dr.Abdul Kalam’s effort while he was the president to meet various school children and establish a good rapport with them.

I intend to follow this more closely and will write about anything interesting that I find.