Just finished watching Chillar Party.

Chillar Party is a children’s movie made just for kids. I am quite sure old people will find this movie boring, but if you are young at heart, you might enjoy it.

Chillar Party is the story about how the kids in a colony get together to fight a battle against all odds in saving a dog that belongs to their friend. They battle it out with a minister to save the dog and finally win.

The movie gets more and more exciting as each scene progresses, maintaining the funny side to it from start to finish. The way in which the kids talk and maintain the momentum in the movie is amazing. In every scene, the director has made sure there is a message that teaches good things to kids.

I enjoyed the debate at the end where every kid reads a sentence from their moral science book and shows how the did nothing but simple things, as taught to them in their books.

The kids do quite a few things that happens in all colonies, and for the movie the director has also exaggerated a little bit, but in the grand scheme of things it is definitely ok. Especially the ‘Chaddi March’ is a nice one – which fits right into the movie.

The way the director has tied the screenplay together is remarkable. The kid who always says something and the opposite happens – that concept is well used in the end during the debate. The kid who never wears an underwear, and finally wears one for the Chaddi March, that concept also shows how well the director has thought through the movie. As the movie progresses, it left me clueless on what the action of the kids would be and then what the counter attack of the minister will be.

Ranbir Kapoor also comes at the end and dances for a song with the kids.

It is a wonderful time pass, especially if you have kids of any age in your home, I recommend watching this movie with them and they will enjoy it.