During my recent trip to India, I got a chance to go to Mayajaal complex in Chennai for the first time in my life and see a movie – Kanden Kaadhalai – a 100% pure copy of Jab We Met where Shahid Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor stole the limelight with their chemistry in that movie. Jab We Met was one movie that impressed me after a long time among Hindi movies (especially when compared to a recent disastrous one called Kameeney).

As soon as the plan was made that evening to watch Kanden Kadhalai, I was looking forward to seeing how Mayajaal is and also about seeing how Kanden Kadhalai has been remade.

Mayajaal looks pathetic. They were telling me how Mayajaal used to be the happening place a few years ago (when it started) and how it has been poorly maintained now and that is why it looks like this, etc etc. It did look like it used to be nice once upon a time. In any case, I doubt if I will look forward to going there again in the near future.

Kanden Kadhalai was nice 🙂 .  Though it was a exact replica, not many movies which were remade this way have been successful. The theatre was bursting out in laughter and I could see people enjoying the movie (unlike the disastrous Aadhavan, where Surya messed up big time and the entire crowd in the theatre was laughing at the most disastrous movie of the year).

Bharat appears to mature with every movie and has done a good job in this one. I am beginning to like him more now a days, as he reminds us of the common man who can do wonders – just like how Rajini impressed almost every kid who watched Tamil movies in the past 30 years.

The only funny thing about Bharat in this movie, was his funny walk in the first scene, where he leaves his car and not sure why he had to walk like a robot. I remember Shahid also walking in a similar fashion in that scene.

Tamanna was awesome. She is finally learning to make the best use of her talent. I believe she might be the next leading female artist in Tamil industry. Watch out Trisha, Nayanthara and Asin.

Santhanam is just amazing with his style of humour. His dialogues were enjoyable in the movie and are not vulgar or abusive (I used to hate those days when the former joke artists used to make a mock of themselves by scolding each other with bad words or beating each other up).  Every scene that he came in was appreciated by the audience as his jokes had a perfect sense of timing. This guy just became my most favourite comedian as of now.

The songs are very well done though I do not have any favourite in this movie. I guess have to get used to them.

Overall, it was a wonderful experience and I highly recommend watching this movie to anyone.

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