With my continued addiction to Netflix on Wii, I watched ‘Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi’ last week.

Shah Rukh Khan plays the lead role as the typical staff at Govt. offices or PSUs in India. The way he says ‘Punjab Power – Lighting up your life’ is really nice – he has blended well with the role – i am sure he must have tried to watch the mannerisms of a few people working in PSUs 🙂 .

Shahrukh happens to be the most favourite student of his teacher and goes to attend the marriage of his teacher’s only daughter Anushka Sharma. Shahrukh falls in love with Anushka at first sight but just lets his emotions stay under control as she is getting married shortly. When tragedy strikes in the marriage family (typical in Indian movies), Shahrukh and Anushka agree to get married to satisfy the dying wishes of Anushka’s father. It is only after that, that the movie starts to take a turn with these two strangers living together, trying to come to terms with reality.

The dance song sequence has been my favourite for over a year now and finally I got a chance to view it in context. All these days I was under the impression that Shahrukh has an affair with a girl in the dance class, only now I came to know it is actually his wife. Now I like the movie even more 🙂

Anushka Sharma (not to be confused with the other Anushka in Telugu movie industry) is one of those pretty looking girls in Bollywood, who have not been able to make it to the top, inspite of their talent in dancing and acting. I was quite impressed by her acting, but I guess it was not enough to make an impact on her bollywood acting career (may be she should try tamil or telugu industry as cute girls like her make a big hit in the south).

I should say this is the second best movie of my choice on Netflix after Wake Up Sid. I highly recommend this movie to anyone.

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