Pyaar Impossible is a movie about a geeky looking guy falling for a beautiful girl and how he tries to get her.

Uday Chopra plays the role of this geeky looking guy with a big sized spectacles, who is extremely brainy but does not know ABC of how to do anything on his own. Priyanka Chopra plays the role of the beautiful girl who is bubbly while in college and later goes on to become a top executive in a software company called Pinnacle Software in Singapore.

The movie starts with scenes in a university in California, where Abhay (Uday Chopra) narrates his feelings for Alisha (Priyanka Chopra). Abhay carries his feelings with him back to India and after seven years the story continues. Anupam Kher plays the role of Uday Chopra’s geeky dad who guides his son throughout the movie on key decision topics. Uday gets cheated by our typical villian and hence goes after the villian to Singapore to get his stolen software back, but gets to meet Priyanka there.

A comedy of events result in Uday ending up in Priyanka’s house taking care of her daughter, who looks very cute – reminds me of how Aishwarya would have looked when she was young, if she was beautiful :-). Then there is this scene with Thai Tradition joke where Uday takes care of serving the food, trying to avoid being seen by the villian, who happens to become the client of Pinnacle Software, using the stolen software.

Uday Chopra looks just like himself. This is one of the movies in which I have seen him fit the role perfectly. He just has to stand and not act for this role as he blends well with it. Priyanka Chopra, with her ‘shortest possible skirt that any one can wear to work’, tries her best to act, but unfortunately is nowhere close to success.

The songs are very nice, especially the one which the kids sing, which is also the turning point in the movie.

Overall the movie is too slow for any one expecting good quality movie, but for someone like me, with all the time in the world, this movie is a perfect one after a long day.