What is your Raashee is supposed to be a romantic comedy movie.

In this movie, a young man Yogesh Patel has 10 days to find a girl of his choice and get married. He ends up in this situation after his brother ends up with almost five crores in debt and 10 days to avoid going to jail and/or lose his fingers and life as he the mafia is also after him to make sure he repays the debt. An astrologer advises his parents that the day he gets married he will get a lot of wealth and coincidentally at the same time his grand father says that all his property will come to Yogesh on the day of Yogesh’s marriage.

With this story build up, our hero sets out find the girl of his choice from among twelve girls, one from each zodiac sign.

Harman Baweja plays the role of Yogesh Patel. He is supposed to be a dude, who looks better than Hrithik Roshan and was expected to be the next heart throb of hindi movie industry, but I guess the Kapoors made sure Ranbir Kapoor and then Shahid Kapoor are around to continue the tradition started forty years ago.

Each one of the roles of the twelve girls is played by Priyanka Chopra, with different hair styles – besides that she looks just the same – oh yeah, may be the glasses she is wearing in some of the roles might make her look different, yeah rite. One thing we should give her is that she has made an attempt to look and behave differently, as each zodiac sign is supposed to have certain characteristics that are typical of that sign.

Besides the very lengthy nature of the movie which runs for three and a half hours with 13 songs in it, there is nothing significant enough to say this director Ashuthosh is the same person who took the likes of Lagaan, Swades and Jodha Akbar.

The songs are ok, but nothing memorable. One scene is very funny when Yogesh says “Jesus Man” and then after seeing the expression of the people around him he says “I mean Krishna, Man”.

Throughout the movie we get an overdose of Priyanka Chopra, and by around the half way mark, I lost interest and was waiting for the twelve roles to be completed. The movie is such a time waste that, I just stayed on till the end to see who he ends up with!!!

An interesting point I happened to note though was one of Priyanka’s role where she doesnt like NRI mindsets and she blasts Harman about his reservations about taking ice candy from the roadside as it might have ice cubes made from dirty water. Priyanka’s dialogues at that point are very interesting, especially if you are a NRI then you would be able to relate to it more. It comes across as though she is giving a direct message to all NRIs not to think they are great or something like that!! Relax Priyanka, not every one is like that.

I would not watch this movie even if someone is ready to pay me to watch it – actually I might if someone pays me good money to watch it, but watching it at the expense of three and a half hours of my time again is out of question.

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