Delhi 6 is an interesting movie about the life style changes that an America born Indian experiences when he visits Delhi. The movie is supposed to show the varied culture in India and its impact on human relationships.

Abhishek Bachchan has played the role of the young Indian born and brought up in the US. He comes to Delhi to drop his grand mother, but starts falling in love with the place.

The core of the movie revolves around a ‘black monkey’ that is supposed to be 8 foot tall and goes around creating panic among residents of Delhi 6.

Sonam Kapoor, daughter of Anil Kapoor, plays the role of the heroine in this movie, where she has her dreams of becoming the Indian Idol, but does not have the courage to face her parents and tell them about it.

Abhishek gets fully confused about the way in which people just show love and affection without any condition, and at the same time become enemies when it comes to sensitive topics such as the ones about religion.

The movie has a lot of interesting scenes where each Indian can relate themselves in them. The overall concept is very good, but the execution lacks the impact that it was expected to create.

A R Rahman has scored the music for this movie – the songs are quite good, with Masakali being my favourite.

Waheeda Rahman, Rishi Kapoor and Om Puri have played the role of Abhishek’s relatives while Amitabh Bachchan also comes in with a guest appearance towards the end of the movie.

Overall, this movie had a lot of hype around it and as rightly decided by the audience, it did not have the punch to carry it through and become a blockbuster. Definitely would not recommend this movie to any one.