With my addiction to Netflix on Wii increasing day by day, I chose to watch New York Hindi movie last night.

The story revolves around three people who become good friends while going to college together. This story starts with a flash back of their college life and how life changes drastically with the 9/11 bombings. All this is narrated by the third friend to FBI after he gets picked up by them in an attempt to uncover a sleeper cell planning to undertake a major attack in an unknown location in New York.

Now the story switches from flashback to current scenario in the movie with the FBI trying to infiltrate the sleeper cell network to uncover the plot.

John Abraham and Katrina Kaif play the role of two friends who get married to each other while the third guy gets picked up by the FBI and becomes the core element of the movie.

John Abraham plays the lead role in this movie and I felt this was his best performance so far in all the movies of his, that I have watched. He is handsome, well built as well as has learnt to act 🙂

The movie has my favourite, Katrina Kaif in the lead role, and she looks just like a doll 🙂 . It was a pleasure to listen to her hindi (though it had a strong foreign accent to it) – I am really not sure if it was her own voice or if someone dubbed for her – in any case, it was good to see her talk quite a bit (all the other movies of hers that I have seen only has her coming on the screen, dancing and disappearing).

The songs are really nice to hear and I am going to try and find that one song that sounded very catchy – the song that was played at the end also.

I had mentioned to a friend of mine about Kurbaan, the movie I watched a day back and immediately I was referred to this movie called New York saying – Kurbaan is just a copy of New York. That is the main reason why I was curious to see for myself how similar it was – oh God! It appears like a story writer wrote one story and then made two copies of it and gave it to the script writers and said: Go do any creative edits here and there, but do not change the story line and theme. The two movies are identical in many scenes, such as the Policeman stopping the car for Identification, the leading hero trying to find the exact motive of the guy who wants to join his group, etc.

On top of this, both the movies are shot in New York and I cant think of any reason how this could have happened. In anycase, I was told that Kurbaan was released before New York was released. Not sure if that is any form of consolation for Kurbaan, but New York has been definitely enacted better than Kurbaan.

Overall, if you are a John Abraham fan or a Katrina Kaif fan, this movie is a treat to watch – otherwise, there is nothing in it.

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