Vamsam is a movie that starts with a few people getting killed, continues with more people getting killed and ends with a lot of people getting killed.

The movie stars Arulnidhi, grandson of the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, M.Karunanidhi. Arulnidhi’s father, M.K.Thamizharasu is the youngest son of the chief minister and is also the producer of this movie.

If you do not have much time, I recommend not wasting time reading this blog post, as it is about a boring movie.

The movie is shot in two remote villages in Tamil Nadu, where there is no cell phone tower and they have to climb on top of trees to get the signal to call up anyone! There are a few scenes where it is a good amount of advertisement given to the creative ways in which cell phones are used in such remote villages – eg. Hanging them off the top of the trees, with a long headset helping the heroine to talk while standing under the tree.

The story is about the hero from one village falling in love with a girl from a neighbouring village. As the two villages have a history of enemity, their love gets tangled in the political mess and the hero decides to take things into his own hands and put an end to this.

After watching the full movie for a very long time and it said ‘Vamsam Thodarum’ (Vasam will continue), I was under the impression that the movie is completed and the director has used those words to let the audience know that there will be a sequel to it. I then realized that it was just the interval and the director meant to say the movie will continue after the interval!!

The heroine, Sunaina is from Nagpur and is cute looking. She has already come in Kadhalil Vizhunthen movie in Tamil and a few other movies such as Masilamani and yaathumagi (I dont blame you if you have not heard of any of these movies – Sunaina, it is not your bad luck, I guess it just happened to be that way that these movies are not much heard of).

The climax is the best with eight days of a ‘thiruvizha’ (festival) where the director has made us learn what each day of the festival is, hoping in anticipation that something will happen each day. Nothing happens! He could have saved himself and us a good number of scenes by just showing the the last day of the festival when the actual action happens.

The main villain of this movie is Jayaprakash, who has recently been acting in almost all the tamil movies that I am seeing: Pasanga, Naadodigal and Naan Mahan Alla. He is acting quite well and hence I believe we will get to see him a lot more in the movies in the future in villian roles. It is just a disappointment that the director left some loose ends in this movie where at the end we have no clue what happens to him, after someone attempts to kill him in one of the festival days. I was hoping that he will be the one involved in the final revenge scene, while the director chose to give that task to his son to lose to the hero.

It requires a lot of patience to sit and watch the entire movie. If I were you, I would do something better with the time and so do not tell me later that I did not warn you!

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