Watched a Marathi movie called Harishchandrachi Factory last night. This movie is about the story of Dadasaheb Phalke, who is considered as the father of Indian cinema.

The sequence of events leading to the making of his first film in 1913, Raja Harishchandra is shown in a wonderful manner, showing how this one man’s positive attitude brought the movie revolution into India and which has led India to become the biggest movie industry in the world.

Seeing the making of Raja Harishchandra made me realize how difficult it was for Dadasaheb Phalke to progress in making his vision into a reality. He was considered by many as a mad man, by his neighbours and friends as a irresponsible person who does not know how to run a business, but always supported by his wife and kids – during his hardships. The movie clearly shows how in every step of the way, he saw nothing but failure – and at the same time his positive attitude helps him overcome the difficulties of the situation and come out victorious in the end.

During the making of the movie, he ends up selling almost everything in his house, goes to London to learn the tricks of the trade, pledges his life insurance papers, sells his wife’s gold jewellery, all in exchange for money required to be invested into making of this movie. The scenes where he tries to find the right female lead for the movie is also funny, where he ends up getting five male artists to perform the roles of the ladies in the movie.

I heard rumours that this movie has been nominated as India’s entry into the Oscars under the ‘Foreign Films’ section, not sure how far it is true.

Thanks to the movie and I came to know a lot of details on the hardships faced by Dadasaheb Phalke before he made it into a success.This is a motivational movie for anyone who has continuously seen failures in life and has a clear vision and the will to succeed.

Overall, I will recommend this movie to anyone who wants to learn about the origin of Indian cinema and the positive thinking of Dadasaheb Phalke.


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