Got a chance to watch Tere Bin Laden, a comedy movie which makes fun of the entire situation around the war on terror and its effects in Pakistan.

Ali Zafar plays the role of Ali Hassan, a small time reporter in a TV network in Karachi. He has dreams of going to Amreeka, but his visa gets rejected five times and the sixth time he gets deported because he tried to go behind the air hostess when the seat belt sign was on.

The director, Abhishek Sharma, has found Pradhuman Singh, who plays the role of the guy Noor, who owns a chicken farm. Due to his resemblence with Bin Laden, Ali Hassan tries to make money using him by creating a video and selling it to the local TV station, who in turn sell it to an Indian TV channel.

Due to the fact that this movie tries to spoof Bin Laden and also the war on terror, the comedy of the movie can be easily mistaken at any time. The best scene is when the owner of the TV network falls inside the gutter and finds himself in the middle of officers, so immediately he asks ‘Am I in Amreeka’ ? 🙂

The movie goes through various hilarious scenes, all around how the video is released and then the same group tries to make another video where Bin Laden announces peace with Amreeka. Once they are caught after a missile strike, Ali Hassan makes a deal with the head of the operations and they end up recording the second video and releasing it. Due to this, the head of operations gets promoted to Defense Secretary and Ali Hassan as well as the boss of his TV network get to settle down in Amreeka.

None of the songs are worth remembering, but this movie is really a daring effort to make fun of the entire situation. Overall, this movie is a good time pass, but it might not be accepted by everyone.

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