Got a chance to watch Naadodigal movie – though this movie was released in 2009, I watched it only now.

Naadodigal is a movie about a bunch of friends who go out to help their friend in his effort to get married to the girl he is in love with. When they realize that the friend finally gives up on the marriage itself and agrees to remarry the girl of his mother’s choice, these friends then take it on themselves to teach the girl and the boy a lesson.

The movie shows in detail all the difficulties that the friends have to face, which are all for just one reason – friendship. One guy loses the girl he is supposed to marry. Another guy loses a leg and it gets amputated during their attempt to rescue their friend’s lover. Another guy loses his hearing ability after getting hit during the attempt.

The director has made a very good attempt at showing the reality about what happens in many cases after a love marriage. In one scene, the hero says ‘It is not how you got married that is important, it is how well the two of you proved to the world on how capable you are able to run your family by living together for the rest of your lives is what matters’.

The songs are not very catchy and hence I dont remember any one of them.

One another positive note about this movie is that in every scene, the director has kept the audience guessing about what is going to happen next. It is very rare to see that happen and whenever a director is able to accomplish that, it means it is a good movie in the making.

There are not many comedy scenes, but the overall movie itself has a lot of scenes with very good jokes. These jokes are all well timed and hence blends nicely with the movie. The one scene where these guys invite a leading politician to do the ribbon cutting of a small shop, and seeing that ribbon cutting photo up in the poster wall, within the next five seconds or so, is a innovative joke that the movie gets the full credit for.

Overall, I liked the movie a lot and it does show the reality of live from the friends of the lovers (while most of the movies show the focus on the lovers themselves). This movie along with Angaadi Theru and Udaan were all reality based movies that I saw this weekend which I liked a lot(I did not plan to see movies of the same kind and it was a mere coincidence).

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