Just watched Angaadi Theru. Angaadi Theru is a movie about the life of a young guy who comes to Chennai hoping for a better future, but goes through many hurdles along the way.

The beauty of the movie is the simplicity with which the movie depicts the difficulties that Ling (the hero) and Kani (the heroine) go through. Do not get confused on whether these are Chinese names, but these names are short forms of their original names.

Ling is the short form of Jyothi Lingam, a guy who comes from a small village near Tirunelveli.

Ling is the school topper with 1107 marks in +2 Exams, but due to his father’s death after a tragic accident, he is forced to earn money and not pursue his future to study engineering as his family is dependent on his income. Mahesh is a new face, who has played the role of Ling and naturally looks like one of those characters who is soft on the outside, but a strong willed person. He has played his role quite well.

Anjali, plays the role of Kani in the movie. She comes up as a bubbly young girl who has to earn to repay the debts of her good for nothing father and also support their family. Anjali does look quite pretty and has played the role very well. She has also acted in another movie as a lead role (cant remember the name of that flop movie).

The name Angaadi Theru means market place, which in this movie is all about the famous Ranganathan Street in Mambalam / T.Nagar area. Most of the movie revolves around the lifestyle of these two people while they work at a famous store called Senthil Murugan Store in Ranganathan Street. The store actually reminds us of Saravana Stores in Ranganathan Street with its setup, huge set of young staff, etc.

Senthil Murugan Store is projected as a store that is owned by a guy who makes money by investing in the materials, getting cheap labour from poor villages and making a lot of money. The hardships faced by the workers in a typical store in Chennai, their slave-like life style in the store, the general hardships faced are all well presented in the movie.

Some of the scenes are very realistic which many people will find it hard to believe, just like some of the scenes in Slumdog Millionaire, where the director portrays the exact life style without any sugar coating.

Sneha comes in a nice little role as herself, who comes for shooting an ad in the store. She does look a bit chubbier than normal in this movie, not sure why 😉

Overall the movie shows how difficult life is and how people try to navigate these difficulties using the best possible alternatives.

After a long while, this movie is one of the very few movies that have totally impressed me. Hats off to the director for pre
senting us a real life scenario in such a short period of time in the movie.

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