Got a chance to watch Inithu Inithu movie and I guess it is time to write about it.

Inithu Inithu is a movie about a college life – not sure what more is there.

We have seen many such movies in the past such as Kadhalar Dinam, Kadhal Desam, etc. I was really not sure what was so special about this movie, where besides the standard sequence of meeting at college, falling in love, convincing the parents, succeeding at the end.

Why are directors and music directors kidding themselves and imagining that their ordinary movie about college life will result in a extraordinary movie with and it will become a super hit????

Please give me a break!

Prakash Raj has produced this movie and I guess the only reason why he could have done it is because this movie is a remake from the telugu movie Happy Days, which was a super hit.

The characters in the movie were good – because they made their characters come to life (escpecially those scenes where they have to be scared of their seniors)

Adith plays the role of Sidhu (Siddharth), who gets a good set of friends while at college. He is portrayed as a soft character, who is attracted towards Reshmi who plays the role of Madhu. Reshmi is a new face, who is portrayed as a sensible young girl who finally falls in love with Adith after the usual drama that happens in all love stories with college students.

Overall I did enjoy watching the movie as it is a good time pass for two hours or so.

Though the songs are not very catchy, they are definitely worth listening at least once.

If you want to have good time pass, without any serious stuff in a movie, Inithu Inithu is a good one. Let me know how it goes.

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