Got a chance to watch Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya. This is the first time Gautam Menon and A.R.Rehman are joining together for a movie and it just turned out to be an excellent combination.

I would call this as one of the best performances by Simbhu. Simbhu has always been known for his frank and simple behaviour with his co-artists at the sets, but never have I seen Simbhu come up with a performance like this one. I guess Gautam Menon (just like Mani Ratnam) knows how to bring the best in each person. Simbhu has always been projected as a overacting character in many of his earlier movies, but this one was just right for him as it has now got him a few new fans who never thought Simbhu could act so well like this.

Trisha was just amazing. She comes as Jessy, a Christian girl who cares a lot about her family and at the same time develops attraction to Simbhu, who does a lot of things that make her smile. As the movie progresses, she is portrayed as this sweet, caring but confused girl who wants Simbhu in her life, but does not want to do anything against her family’s wishes.

The humourous scenes are brought in by Simbhu and his friend who have mastered the art of cracking the right jokes appropriate for the moment – inspite of the seriousness of the movie.

My favourite song in the movie is Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya song. I also like the stanza in the Osana song which starts with ‘En idhayam udaithaay norungave…’. In general, all songs have been composed quite well and they carry the A.R.Rahman trademark and touch.

The ending is one of the best I have seen in recent years but not to my taste.

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btw, I know Jessey very well in my life and I know exactly how Simbhu must have felt throughout the movie. I also heard rumours that this movie was partly Gautam Menon’s experience in life – not sure how far it is true – but I know for sure that if it is true, he has had a great time in life – because just to be in Jessy’s life is a wonderful experience.