Villu is a typical masala movie which has Vijay and Nayanthara in the lead role with Prabhu Deva directing it. Though this movie got released quite a while ago, I got a chance to watch it last night only.

Villu is a complicated movie, if I have to put this movie lightly, without using difficult and complex words. The story starts one way, takes a twist half way through and then takes another twist towards the end and finally ends with one more twist, thus giving a perfect roller coaster experience to the people watching the movie. Even a rocket scientist will find it difficult to understand the movie and its sequence – but I guess the story writer and the director should have a perfect understanding of the story – not me!

Vijay has given one more of his stereo-typed performances with his typical over acting, but this movie has less of nasty dialogues from him against women, and more of an image of projecting himself as a leader of the masses.

Nayanthara comes and plays her role exactly as expected from a heroine in any tamil movie – just to be around to add visual glamour and nothing more. I am hoping to see a day when movies have heroines in Tamil and Hindi do a little more than just come and go!

The songs in the movie are good and some of them are catchy.

Prakash Raj and Nizhalgal Ravi come as two villians in the movie who overact with a horrible wig which is so obvious.

Vadivelu plays the role of the comedian, who as in many Indian movies, just comes and gets mocked by the hero, then gets beaten up and finally disappears.

Overall, the name of the movie is to be remembered – Villu – because I want to make sure I do not watch this movie even by mistake in the future. If you ever get a chance to hear the name of this movie and if any one recommends watching it, please try to save yourself from three hours of torture.

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