Watched Naduvula Konjam Pakkatha Kaanum movie last night at S2 Perambur.

Naduvula Kojam Pakkatha Kaanum is a movie about an incident in the life of four young men, where one of them gets injured while playing cricket and loses his memory. As this youngster is supposed to have his marriage reception the next evening, and marriage the day after, his three friends decide not to tell any one in his family about it, and help him out, hoping he will gain his memory back any minute.

The scenes that follow from then on, just are hilarious, the way the guy repeats a set of questions every two minutes and how the friends patiently answer his questions. One of them is supposed to be his best friend called Sakshi.

Sakshi always asks his friend, will you do what I say, and his friend replies saying I will do anything for you, even jump from the top of the building for you 🙂 . This dialogue is well used throughout the movie and it is hilarious and timely.

One of the friends is Baksi, who just keeps giving wise statements and the others believe what he says, but later every one of the wise statements prove to be bogus and the way it is shown is hilarious. Eg. In one scene he says ‘We should not give any sleeping pill to him as he has been hit in the head – head has chemicals, sleeping tablets have chemicals…chemicals and chemicals do not go well together in the brain 🙂 . Later the doctor says ‘We should give sleeping tablets so that he can sleep well’.

The fourth friend is the best of all. He is the dumbest of the four and does a lot of funny mistakes.

My favourite scene is the one on the dias at the marriage hall, when the hero says ‘I still cannot forget Saira Banu’, this was his first crush when he was in the eighth grade and the girl was in seventh 🙂 . Will all the tensing and commotion going around, the way these three friends deal with this remark from him is represented in an amazing way.

The way the director has taken this one incident and has turned it into a wonderful movie is amazing. Right from the beginning to the end, the movie has humour and suspense, which is a very rare combination to provide with high quality.

I highly recommend this movie to any one who wants to watch a hilarious and yet high quality movie.

People who know me well know how often I play cricket and badminton. In one scene when a guy says ‘You guys are not young any more…you are old enough to have two kids…why are you still playing like you are a teenager?’, I could not help laughing as it felt like a direct question to me. Just thought to myself that I will answer that question after twenty years, when I will might start thinking of stopping playing sports.

Right after watching Kumki earlier this week, I felt I have watched a high quality movie, which is quite rare (may be once a year) in Tamil. After watching Naduvula Konjam Pakkatha Kaanum, I realized high quality movies are not so rare. I am eagerly awaiting the next high quality movie, and looking at the pattern I see here, it is quite obvious that it is better to expect it from new comers and not from experienced performers. The directors and the teams involved in creating movies such as Pizza, Kumki and Naduvula Kojam Pakkatha Kaanum in 2012 have made Tamil movie industry proud. Keep up the good work people.