I am spending more time with my son with his school work, especially helping him learn Hindi.

Kids in his grade are learning about quite a lot of places – for example, he has a chapter on Mummies in Egypt, another chapter about the Mettur dam on the River Kaveri in Tamil Nadu, and also a chapter in Hindi about Lord Jagannath (another name for Sri Krishna) and his Rath Yatra in Puri in Orissa.

During this process, I realized that it will be awesome if there was a service provider who could offer tour packages to these places (relevant to what the kids are learning). As I could not find any provider who does this, I have decided to work on Educational Tourism Website, which will help families plan their vacation to such places, which not only help them see new places, but also is relevant to their learning process.

One more idea to be added to my Idea Godown 🙂

Will let you know how the progress on this website goes. If you are aware of any such tour operator who already provides such packages focused on kid’s learning, please do let me know.