Ghajini was a remake of the tamil superhit Ghajini. The tamil version was released in 2005 and was a story line taken from a movie called Memento. (I tried watching Memento, but could not follow the sequence after five scenes, as the director had pasted all the scenes in the reverse order by mistake 🙂 ).

I heard Aamir Khan was so impressed after seeing the tamil version that he wanted to act in the Hindi remake of it. Murugadoss is the director of the movie in Hindi also.  Aamir has tried his best to match Surya’s role, but he is nowhere close to it – good attempt though!

Hindi version of Ghajini also marked the debut of Asin in Hindi movies – not that she did exceptionally well in Bollywood in the past three years. Since I liked Asin from the earlier movies she acted in Tamil, I was a bit disappointed to see her flop in Bollywood. I guess Hurricane Katrina is in full flow in Bollywood and no one else is able to even come close 🙂

Aamir Khan looks fabulous in this movie. I feel it was during this time (along with Fanaa) that he has looked physically the best fit so far in his acting career. He shows his six pack abs quite a few times in the movie and I heard he worked out for almost a year for this. This six pack thing is becoming so common in Indian Movie Industry among the leading actors, what a craze! I even know of a producer who is trying his best everyday on his ab workouts to be on par with the actors 🙂

I have already watched this movie in Tamil, so could not stop comparing the Hindi version to the Tamil version in almost every scene. My overall thought: The director has made a very good attempt at correcting the obvious mistakes made in the Tamil version. He has eliminated the villian twins and one villian makes more sense. It made a lot of sense in many scenes – now it makes me feel like watching the Tamil version again.

The songs have also been completely rewritten in Hindi. I could understand why. The music director for the Tamil version is Harris Jeyaraj and the music director for the Hindi version is A.R.Rahman. Expectedly, A.R.Rahman has come up with his own classic numbers in the movie. I liked all the songs with Guzarish being the best of them all.

If you have not watched the movie yet, I highly recommend watching it.


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