Watched the movie Kutty and thought I should write about it.

Kutty is a remake of the Telugu block buster Arya, where Allu Arjun played the lead role. The role of Kutti in this movie is played by Dhanush, while Shriya is the female lead in the movie. Sameer Dattani, the popular Kannada hero, plays the role of the son of a rich MP.

Sameer falls in love with Shriya and he gets her to ‘agree to love him’ by threatening to jump from the college building and commit suicide. I am surprised when people do such things and others buy into it. I wonder what would have happened if the girl said ‘ok, go jump’!

Dhanush plays the role of a happy go lucky guy, the one role that I liked a lot in the movie. He is the typical character that any girl would love to fall in love with 🙂 . Dhanush does try his best to look funny in many scenes, but unfortunate he doesnt look so funny – but this movie, I felt, was one of his best performances. Not really sure why the movie bombed at the box office.

Shriya has been one of my favourite heroines, until I watched this movie. After her elegant performance in Sivaji, I was expecting the same level of grace – but was disappointed with this movie. Not sure if it was her wierd dresses in the movie or her acting or something else or a combination of all of the above! She is off my list – into the ‘Heroines I have dumped’ list – along with Ash aunty!

Devi Sri Prasad has composed the music for this movie. He had scored the music in the original telugu version also. I liked one song ‘Feel My Love’, which has a nice tune that we can keep humming all day.

Sameer Dattani, who is also known as Dhyan, is well built and reminded me sometimes of 12B Shyam. Sameer has also acted in quite a few hindi movies, though he is popularly known for his roles in Kannada movies. At times I felt he forgot to act – or may be that is what the director told him to do – just act dumb!

Radha Ravi plays the role of the rich MP, who has his style of saying ‘my way or no way’. He uses the same formula used by many tamil movies, where they send the goondas to take care of any fight situation. His goondas are just the photocopies of goondas in any tamil movie, who come and get beaten up and go back. What a life 🙂

My son had a very important question to ask about this movie as well as many other tamil movies. He said, why do the bad guys always have to come with dirty, long hair with beard? I guess that is our way of representing evil 🙂 . I wonder how it would be if all the guys who are on the villain’s side are smart looking, well groomed 🙂

Oh btw, there is one character who shows up in this movie as Dhanush’s friend. We all know it is a lady and Dhanush refers to this character as ‘Dei’, ‘Machi’, etc. Not sure if the director had this character as a male friend or a female friend, as the hair cut, etc looked as though the director was trying to portray this character as a male friend. If someone knows the director or happen to meet him, please ask him this question for me as both my wife and I could not figure it out throughout the movie!

In any case, please do not waste time watching this movie. If you want read the full story of this movie which is available here:

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