Venkat Prabhu’s Goa was released today and the initial reviews are in. I have not watched this movie yet, but will surely post my detailed comments if I get a chance to watch it.

The movie appears to start with the same enthusiasm as we have seen in the earlier Venkat Prabhu movies Chennai 600028 and Saroja.

The pace of the movie slows down after the second half and by the end of the movie, the lack of poor script makes Goa follow ‘Law of Averages’ for Venkat Prabhu’s performance score.

Premji Amaran has been quite consistent in this movie also, with his excellent delivery – but I heard the others just come and go.

Also the songs are ok – nothing special about it. Appearances of Simbhu and Nayanthara also doesnt make a big difference.

The initial reviews do not sound very promising. Adding the fact that ‘Tamizh Padam’ was also released today, it might be a problem too.. (actually, not if the theatres run full show for Tamizh Padam and people just decide to go for Goa as they did not get tickets for Tamizh Padam).

Overall, Goa appears to have delivered results much below expectations.

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