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Sankalp – Restaurant Review

Thursday, October 28th, 2010

We heard a lot about this Sankalp restaurant from many different friends. We were told it is the best South Indian restaurant in the whole of North India 🙂

Since there were two branches of Sankalp opened near my house, we decided to try it out after watching Endhiran movie on Saturday night.

We went to the one on Oak Tree Road in New Jersey, but it was quite crowded and they suggested we try the one in South Plainfield as it is generally less crowded than the one on Oak Tree Road.

The restaurant is located in a shopping mall, where we have seen two other Indian Restaurants come and go, in the same place.

The first impression of the restaurant was good. It appeared to be a much more formal place than the one on Oak Tree Road and we were pleasantly surprised at the nice reception we got when we went in.


Princeton Downtown – A beautiful place

Thursday, October 21st, 2010

During the weekend, we got a chance to see Princeton downtown for the first time. Princeton is a beautiful university town, which is famous for a few reasons such as Albert Einstein was teaching in Princeton University, Princeton has produced some of the Noble laureates, etc. Over a period of time, Princeton University has become one of the most sought after place in New Jersey area.

We enjoyed the walk there as it gives a very different feeling. I felt like we were in a foreign country 🙂 . The streets have street lights that are old fashioned European style, like the ones we have seen in Sherlock Holmes movies in England. The entire downtown was filled with the latest fashion stores and as always had a Starbucks right there.

Since it is a university town, we saw a lot of students, and also most of the businesses there were targeted towards the college going crowd. I enjoyed one particular advertisement about improving your GPA 🙂

Princeton has grown into a very costly neighbourhood with the Princeton school district claiming to be among one of the top school districts in the US.  Here in New Jersey, I have seen many families plan and relocate to this neighbourhood to have a Princeton zip code so that the kids can get better education. Princeton’s computer science courses also seem to have a very good reputation. Overall, Princeton does carry a brand vaue which goes along with it.

I was surprised to find an Indian restaurant there called Masala Grill. Though we did not eat there (as we had plans to go to Myilai Masala for dinner), I did take a snap of the restaurant name board from the outside. They claim they are a ‘Innovative Indian Cuisine’. Will surely try this restaurant out one day and see what is innovative there!

The downtown area, from the university entrance all the way to the end of the road, gave a wonderful feeling, not sure how to express it. If you happen to visit Princeton area in NJ, do try and spend an hour or two and let me know how the experience was.

Law Breakers and Social Media tools

Thursday, October 21st, 2010

While all of us are told to follow the rules as it is the right thing to do, many of us would have seen people who are supposed to make sure the rules are followed, themselves break the rules.

I got a chance to take a snap of a police car that was going in front of me, which blatantly violated the red signal and just took a left turn. The photo might not be very clear, but what I saw is something each one of us have seen at least once before – where a person in charge of the law, bends the rules to their convenience.

I know some of you might come back and say that he might have been in an emergency, etc etc. None, I caught him break the law on camera and in a human court of law he is guilty.

How do we fight against such nuisance, without putting ourselves in trouble? Social networking sites like Facebook have become useful tools for this. The New Delhi Police have setup their own facebook page where citizens can easily post the information with pictures on any issues

This is actually a easier way to post any photos you take, which can be evidence to help the police teams catch the law breakers. Since the photo I took was not in India, I decided to post the photo on my blog itself 🙂

Cricket and IT people

Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

Last weekend I played a 8-a-side cricket tournament for a new team called ‘Daredevils’ which had been created by picking some top players from NJ area.  Though we lost in the quarter finals, it was a pleasure playing in the same team as some of these smart guys who played intelligent cricket. All the guys in NJ (almost all) who play cricket work on the Information Technology (IT) area in some company or the other in NYC area.

Though the guys are in IT and they are very smart cricketers, I was not surprised at the number of IT people required to calculate the ‘Net Run Rate’ for each team. We believe in ‘talk, talk, talk, work, talk, talk, talk, work’ approach and I could see the consistency here also.

Net Run Rate (NRR) is calculated by summing up the total runs scored by a team in all their matches with respect to the number of balls faced, matched against the total runs scored by their opponents in all the matches against them and the balls taken for the same.

It needed seven IT folks to do the above calculation and it was so funny watching it. Since I completely switch off my grey matter during weekends (and weekdays), I decided to stay out of the discussion and to take a snap of the guys trying to figure out the formula.

I am sure they will beat me up for having posted this snap, but I could not resist from doing so. If any one of you would like me to remove this photo, please let me know and I will gladly fade out your image using my latest skills using GIMP open source photo editing software 🙂

Just to give the full picture, I think we finally decided that each one will go back and figure out themselves using the formula we all agreed upon!!

Myilai Masala – Restaurant Review

Tuesday, October 19th, 2010

As we spent almost the entire day in Princeton area in New Jersey, we went to Myilai Masala for dinner. Myilai Masala is a branch of Myilai Masala in Mylapore in Chennai, where it is in existence for around five years now. Though I have not been to the one in Mylapore, as my friends wanted us to try it out and see how it is.

Myilai Masala is a South Indian vegetarian restaurant and is located in a mall, just off the Sloan Avenue exit on 295. You can also come to this place from Quakerbridge Mall as it is at the intersection of Sloan Avenue and Quakerbridge Road. There is lot of parking space in the mall. Once inside the restaurant, I liked the way in which the tables were spaciously arranged and also the way it gave a sense of privacy. As they say first impression matters a lot and I was impressed. Their menu card also talks about Myilai Masala’s origin in Mylapore in Chennai, Chennai’s culture, etc.

Since I was very hungry I asked them to bring anything that they can bring immediately.


Desi Food Galaxy – Restaurant Review

Tuesday, October 12th, 2010

We went to Desi Food Galaxy on Route 27 in NJ on Sunday afternoon. The experience was one of its kind.

Desi Food Galaxy is like a food court. For those who have seen food courts in the US, here is a view of Desi Food Galaxy for you. Imagine the typical food court in the US, then imagine a smaller version of imagine a much smaller version of imagine a micro version of it – but do not reduce the number of restaurants available there – that is Desi Food Galaxy. They have seven restaurants on one side and three or four on the other, with a fruit stall in the middle. No one can maximize the space used more than what Desi Food Galaxy has done. I wonder what the food authorities will have to say on this when they see it!!

In any case, three of us went and got our food from six different sections:


Gagan's Bistro – Average

Monday, March 22nd, 2010

We visited a new indoor water park called Sahara Sams in West Berlin, New Jersey on saturday. On our way to the water park we noticed a restaurant called Gagan’s Bistro and planned to visit the restaurant on our way back.

As per the plan, we went to Gagan’s Bistro for dinner.

They have a pleasant setup with neat decorations, good lighting and good spacing of seats. I consider ambience as an important thing that sets your mind up pyschologically when you go to a restaurant to eat. I noticed that Gagan’s Bistro has a welcoming atmosphere and so I got a good feeling here as soon as I stepped in.


Coriander Restaurant in NJ – Good experience

Sunday, March 21st, 2010

We went to Coriander in Edison NJ for dinner on Friday night. This restaurant is in the same place where Aachis restaurant used to be.

It was friday night and we noticed the restaurant was not very crowded though. They have not modified the decorations much and had retained the ones that used to be when Aachis was around.