We went to Coriander in Edison NJ for dinner on Friday night. This restaurant is in the same place where Aachis restaurant used to be.

It was friday night and we noticed the restaurant was not very crowded though. They have not modified the decorations much and had retained the ones that used to be when Aachis was around.

We got the tomato soup, chicken tikka and for appetizers. Tomato soup appears to be Sachin’s favourite soup and he enjoyed it. I heard Chicken Tikka was also very tasty and that gave us a very good impression about the quality of the food served in Coriander.

I ordered bhindi masala for main course. We also tried Hyderabadi Dum Briyani as a part of the main course.

Bhindi masala came in good quantity but with a tangy taste. I could not find out why I was getting a tangy taste in my dish, until we noticed nenthranga pickles, which was the exact taste that I have never felt in bhindi masala. It appears in their style of cooking, they include these pickles to add the specific flavour in the dish. After I knew what it was, the bhindi masala tasted a lot more better that before.

Hyderabadi Dum Briyani was looking good, but I guess it was not tasting as expected.

For dessert we got the gulab jamun and payasam. Both of them were quite tasty – but I guess I felt it that way because they were really sweet and I love eating anything sweet.

Overall the experience was average and as usual we let the staff their know exactly how we felt about each dish. They were quite receptive to what we said. They also asked us to come on wednesdays their ‘Briyani Nights’ to try out the variety briyanis and see how we like it then. We intend to do that next wednesday.