Last weekend I played a 8-a-side cricket tournament for a new team called ‘Daredevils’ which had been created by picking some top players from NJ area.  Though we lost in the quarter finals, it was a pleasure playing in the same team as some of these smart guys who played intelligent cricket. All the guys in NJ (almost all) who play cricket work on the Information Technology (IT) area in some company or the other in NYC area.

Though the guys are in IT and they are very smart cricketers, I was not surprised at the number of IT people required to calculate the ‘Net Run Rate’ for each team. We believe in ‘talk, talk, talk, work, talk, talk, talk, work’ approach and I could see the consistency here also.

Net Run Rate (NRR) is calculated by summing up the total runs scored by a team in all their matches with respect to the number of balls faced, matched against the total runs scored by their opponents in all the matches against them and the balls taken for the same.

It needed seven IT folks to do the above calculation and it was so funny watching it. Since I completely switch off my grey matter during weekends (and weekdays), I decided to stay out of the discussion and to take a snap of the guys trying to figure out the formula.

I am sure they will beat me up for having posted this snap, but I could not resist from doing so. If any one of you would like me to remove this photo, please let me know and I will gladly fade out your image using my latest skills using GIMP open source photo editing software 🙂

Just to give the full picture, I think we finally decided that each one will go back and figure out themselves using the formula we all agreed upon!!