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Negative Advertising by The Hindu

Thursday, November 15th, 2012

Happened to go to a contemporary dance performance by The Scottish Dance Theatre which was presented by The Hindu, the most popular newspaper in Chennai. While waiting for the programme to start, we were shown a few video advertisements, repeated more than once, making mockery of The Times Of India readers.

The ad starts with a few questions asked to the readers such as:
– What does ATM stand for?
– Who is the author of Harry Potter?
– What sport did Dhyan Chand play in?

The audience reply with incorrect answers or blank responses.

Then they are asked bollywood questions such as:
– Which Bollywood heroine is associated with size 0?
– What is Hrithik Roshan’s pet name?


Gay Topic Discussion with Elders in India

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2012

I was reading a book called ‘The Secret’ (by Rhonda Byrne) to my mother, when this incident happened.

In one of the examples, the author narrates about a gay guy who was expressing negative thoughts and how the author suggested this person to think positive, etc etc. As many of you know, it is very difficult to talk about certain topics such as gay etc to elders in India – leave alone trying to use such examples when trying to communicate as an example of a good incident.

I tried a variation by replacing the word ‘gay’ with ‘handicapped’ (no offense meant to gays around the world as I truly respect their own opinions). It was quite difficult as the paragraph went along and I had to pay special attention to some sentences such as ‘they dont mock you anymore at office’.


Rumour Mill – Day 3 of 3 – Side Effects

Tuesday, August 21st, 2012

This is the final part of a three part series written based on the rumours that were going on in the past two weeks in India.
The 20th of August has come and gone. Chennai is as peaceful as ever. There are a few side effects of this event, affecting different kinds of people. Trying to analyze them from my view.

Side Effects

1. Local Businesses In Chennai:

For the next month or two, restaurants, security agencies and hair salons, etc will see a crunch in the number of helpers available as such establishments were hugely dependent upon people from North East for such help. I believe the workers will start returning when they see their bank balances dry up and lack of employment opportunities.

2. SMS Operators in India:

At this point in time, there is a ban on bulk SMS and the limit is five SMSes per day per number. This is a major limitation which affects many businesses in India that are based purely on SMS. I hope this is temporary and this ban will be lifted sometime soon.

3. Government’s view of Social Networking Sites:

The Government of India already feels they do not have enough control over Social Networking sites. This was quite visible when they tried to block the top social networking sites run by Google, Yahoo, etc. As always, the lawyers representing these sites took care of the situation going by the law in India (I wonder if someone has written a book on all the loopholes in Indian law!).

Now I see more and more voices (mainly the politicians who are not tech savvy) claiming that there should be more control over the social networking sites. I would not be surprised if they claim complete control over it soon.

Rumour Mill Day 2 of 3 : 20th has come and gone

Monday, August 20th, 2012

Reality Today

The main fear of the people of North East was that by the 20th something bad is going to happen. It was considered a lot better to be with their families even if something bad happens, at least they will be together.

The 20th has come and gone and I see no signs of violence. I am quite sure people will say the planners have postponed their ideas, but lets be realistic, a terrorist does not strike you when you are alert. So why not be alert all the time? 🙂


Rumour Mill Day 1 of 3 – D-Day: 20th Has Arrived

Monday, August 20th, 2012

This is part one of a three part series I intend to write after noticing this hyped up news about people from North East rumoured to be attacked in cities like Chennai and Bangalore on the 20th of August.

In this series, I intend to bring out my opinion about the cause, the effect and the lessons learned from this incident.

Part two will come out tomorrow, after seeing what happens today and part three will come out the day after tomorrow with the lessons we can learn from this.

Part one is here..


Aamir Khan – Satyamev Jayate

Saturday, June 23rd, 2012

I watched Satyamev Jayate by Aamir Khan last Sunday and was totally impressed by it.

Aamir Khan is trying something similar to what Oprah Winfrey has been doing on her show for quite a few years in the US – trying to bring to public attention typical issues, that we have all heard of, spoken about, but not paid attention to.

He is also quite upfront in stating that he is not trying to bring any one to justice or pin point who is at fault. He is only making an attempt to show facts as it is and let people decide what should be done, if anything should be done about it.


The show I watched was about ‘domestic violence’ and I was so impressed by it that I started taking down notes about it and also recorded it for future reference. As I was watching it, I realized that people who do not know Hindi, will not be able to get the full information discussed in the show.


Yellow Fever Vaccination for Kenya

Monday, May 28th, 2012

Yellow Fever Vaccination is an important topic that comes up for discussion whenever you plan to go to Africa.

Just landed in Nairobi, Kenya and to my surprise, they did not even ask a question about Yellow Fever Vaccination papers.

Yellow Fever Vaccination for Kenya – Notice board at Nairobi Airport

Before our travel, we were told four different stories by four different people.

The first person said, vaccination is a must. Second person said vaccination before 10 days is a must. Third person said vaccination is not required. Fourth person said vaccination is required for your own safety.

In tamil there is a good saying for this: Naalu Peru Naalu Vithama Pesuvaanga..which means four different people will have four different stories! These are those four people..I have finally identified them 🙂


Chennai Central Premium Parking Scam

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012

Having spent a few weeks here in Chennai, I realized there is various forms of corruption/bribery/scam going on all over Chennai.

I am starting a new series of posts with the tag ‘Developed India’, to show what are the small things that are pulling our country down.

Starting this series with a Chennai Central Railway Station Premium Parking Scam.

Chennai Central Railway Station

I went to Chennai Central Railway Station today and went to the premium parking lot. After I parked the car, the ticket attender gave me a ticket for Rs.25/- and since it was a bit dark, I did not notice the details on the ticket right away. Then I went under a well lit section of the station and noticed the ticket, it is a ticket with some other vehicle number in it.  I went back to the attender and mentioned to him that it was some other vehicle number in it. He was cool and he said ‘dont worry, you are ok’. (Should he not be the one who is worried because he gave a old ticket to me? 🙂 )

When we exited the parking lot from the same gave, another attender, right next to the previous one, collected my ticket. I am quite sure they would be reusing it for some one else.

This clearly shows a simple corruption going on here.


I am back online now

Thursday, May 17th, 2012

After a major blunder with the migration of my blog site to a new server, I have finally got the time to recover and get going again.

Happy to see the blog back online, but still many images are not yet recovered – will handle it soon (as it is my personal blog, it just took lower priority than other stuff that I am focusing on right now).

Have lots and lots of information to share – obviously on new movies, restaurants and interesting incidents.

Will write again.

India Startup Tax Bill vs US CrowdFund Act

Friday, March 23rd, 2012

It is just a coincidence that two leading democracies in the world introduce two bills around startups, one which will encourage startups and one which discourages startups.

CrowdFund Act of US is designed to help the startups by making it easy to receive small amounts of investments from individuals also, while the Startup Tax Bill of India is designed to add 30% tax for all investments the startups receive from small investors.