Alex in Wonderland is a stand up tamil comedy show by an individual named Alex.

When I was given the tickets for Alex in Wonderland, I did not know what to expect and hence went in with an open mind.

Alex in Wonderland is around the theme of Tamil movie music and if you are from the 1970s/1980s, you will love it as you can relate to it much better.

My exposure to stand up comedy has only been by watching Saturday Night Live most of the time and also watching a few episodes by Russell Peters and a few others. My view had been that adult jokes and making fun of people, ethnicity and religion were what made up a stand up comedy show.

Alex in Wonderland gave a new meaning to my view on stand up comedies.

His clarity of thought and humility in the approach while delivering the message is what makes him click.

Alex is a classic example of those who have unique skills and stand apart from the crowd of “me too” stand up comedians.

Highly recommend this show to any one who can understand Tamil. If you have a fascination for Tamil movie music, you will love his show. Hope you enjoy it.