I had written earlier about negative advertising by The Hindu and how it left a bad taste about the newspaper that I have loved for the past thirty years.

Recently I found out that this ad from The Hindu was in response to a negative ad campaign launched by The Times Of India, projecting news from The Hindu as boring and one that makes you go to sleep.

After watching the Times Of India ad, I felt bad and can imagine how The Hindu management must have felt.

It appears to be nothing but a knee jerk reaction to the situation and responding with an ad that seems to be a fitting reply.

Now when I see The Hindu ad again, I am realizing that it was a clever marketing strategy used.

Still I feel that The Hindu is better know to readers like me for producing very high quality information and the ad about the political scene in India was quite smart and funny. I highly recommend ads like those from The Hindu and do not have a liking for ads like these.

In fact, a 16 year old kid was talking to me the other day about his dreams of becoming an IAS officer, and I told him this: “Read The Hindu every day, especially the Editorial section and I can assure you that you will find the IAS examination very easy to clear.” That is The Hindu that I know of.
In any case, I guess these videos are justified by these news corporations saying it is a question of survival, market share, etc etc.

So, it is interesting to see this war of videos between them, but it is just a pity that such a tit-for-tat situation is prevailing right now. Lets see how it goes.