Gay Topic Discussion with Elders in India

I was reading a book called ‘The Secret’ (by Rhonda Byrne) to my mother, when this incident happened. In one of the examples, the author narrates about a gay guy who was expressing negative thoughts and how the author suggested this person to think positive, etc etc. As many of you know, it is very …

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Twinkle Twinkle Little Star in Various Accents

Just happened to watch an impressive performance of a little girl called Kavya from Virginia. She has sung Twinkle Twinkle Little star song in many different accents. The way in which she has performed this is impressive. The level of maturity she has shown in the delivery of this song shows the amount of hard …

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No one in your family can die for the next one year

This is a funny one. With the booming economy in India, it is becoming more and more difficult to find helpers for various jobs. Some examples are car drivers, baby sitters, maid etc. (If you are in India, I am quite sure you are also going through something similar when looking for helpers.) The best …

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Bike is a word used in India to represent a motor bike, while it is also used to represent bicycles in the US. This picture I saw online reminded me of a creative way of making it easy for people in India and the US to call it a bike 🙂

Indian Roadside Shops copying Internet Brands

While browsing online, I came across two specific pictures which had a common pattern: Creative road side shop keepers copying popular internet brand names and coming up with their own shop names. In one instance, a person opened a mobile soft drink stall called Gogola and nicely copied Google’s style. In the second instance, this …

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