Heard the news this morning that Clarke Kent, our beloved Superman is giving up his long term job at The Daily Planet and is now becoming an online blogger!


So I have written an open email to Superman, thought I should publish it here:

Dear Superman,

I have been your fan from the time I knew of you, just like many others who have adored you from their childhood. We have always felt you are the best person around to save this world. In spite of all the kids around the block with me-too-man names, you have a special place in our hearts, just because of your consistency over a very long period of time. We all know that you are continuing to protect us from the alien attacks, many of which we do not even know of.

Today, I heard the news about your new job as an online blogger! This directly puts you in competition with me and many other bloggers who are blogging for many years now. So I have to respectfully say that you are the new kid on the block. Knowing your amazing powers, I am worried you will attract all the traffic online to your site and we will be left with nothing.

As a result, I am also contemplating on taking up your job and start saving the world from aliens, just like how you have been doing for many years now. Please do not be upset with me if all your long term fans now become my fans and stop following you.

PS: I dont know your facebook or twitter ids, so please do share it online so that I can IM you about all the alien attacks that I manage to overcome.

You Know Who!