People who know me well obviously know about my love for Badminton. Those of you, who believe Badminton is a backyard game, please watch the video given in this post and then decide. (The fastest recorded smash in badminton is over 200mph, while the fastest in tennis is only 156mph.)

Lately, there has been a lot of buzz around Badminton in India, primarily because Saina Nehwal has been consistently ranking well in the women’s badminton circuit. Kashyap also seems to be doing fairly well in the international circuit in the men’s section. In my past thirty years of playing badminton, I have only seen Prakash Padukone and Gopichand create some mark in the world badminton scene. Good to see the number of Indian players in top 100 in world rankings go up steadily.

With this increase in interest in Badminton in India, I got this idea about a website for Badminton in India. Finally, I have to a chance to use my technology skills and make use of it in badminton. Started working on it now and I hope it becomes the portal of choice for Badminton lovers in India.