Dear Sons and Daughters of Indian Politicians,

I am an Indian and I fully understand your commitment towards improving India, and following the footsteps of your parent(s). I have a humble request in this regard.

Tracking the Indian political system over the past twenty years shows a trend which is typical of Indian political families.

Many of you usually enroll in some university overseas (not necessarily complete them 🙂 ), then come back and join your parent(s) party. Over a period of time, you take up a top position in your party, supporting your parent(s). Generally, within two or three election cycles (usually a 10 year period), you become the new face of the party or at least the undisputed leader of the same constituency your parent(s) contested in.

Here is my request to you…

While I would love to see new leaders emerge in Indian political scene, who are not necessarily ‘son of so and so’ and ‘daughter of so and so’, but since that is not a practical reality today, I guess at this point of time, your education, combined with the backing of your parent(s) is the best asset India could get, in the current situation.

Having said that, my humble requests to you are:

  1. Reconsider all the things your parent(s) did, pick up all the good deeds and learn ways to avoid all the mistakes they made.
  2. Before you take any decision, have a clear answer as yes to a simple question in mind: “Will this action of mine make the common man to feel proud of having elected me?”.
  3. Instead of just giving a political speech, go with facts and data (such as unemployment rate, GDP, poverty levels, literacy levels) to prove that you are a real leader.
  4. Visit your constituencies regularly and work sincerely on improving them.
  5. Do not create one set of rules for others and a different set of rules for yourself. (Eg. DMK Youth Secretary – Formula for everyone else )

If any of the visitors to this site feel I have missed any important point that you feel should be added here, please feel free to post and I will add it to the above list.


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