I am a big fan of Rajinikanth and hence have compiled the important points from his keynote address while announcing his political entry.

  1. Discipline and control are the key to win anything
  2. Focus on your efforts – do your duty – results will happen
  3. Time has come for change to happen – we have to change the system
  4. Time has come for Truthful, transparent, honest, caste-free, religion free politics (Spiritual Politics)
  5. God’s blessings along with people’s belief, love, respect and support – key to success
  6. Need soldiers who will make sure the benefits of the people reach them every time on time.
  7. Need soldiers who will not go and stand in front of MPs, MLAs, ministers for personal benefits
  8. Such soldiers should be available in every street in every village in every corner
  9. Do not talk politics, do not scold politicians, do not protest, do not make announcements – there are enough people to do that
  10. Think good, talk good, do good, good will happen.

I believe in the thought process and feel it will work – irrespective of who follows it.

The message is what matters – not who says it.