Narendra Modi has been considered as one of the best politicians in India by many around the world. While Narendra Modi is currently the Chief Minister of Gujarat, many are expecting him to soon become the Prime Minister of India.

Narendra Modi represents the BJP and has a proven track record of making Gujarat the number one state in India in many aspects.

I have been an active reader on his website as I am quite impressed not only by his wide knowledge on various topics such as solar energy, manufacturing, security, sports, technology, etc (which many other leaders also claim to be quite knowledgeable about), but also his commitment in educating the visitors to his website on how to make a change by making small contributions. One example is the way in which he educates some of his readers on conserving water.  I have never seen any other politician, except Dr.Abdul Kalam come up with such creative ideas and take the steps to share it with the public.

It is also not a surprise that the US Government tracks him very closely, inspite of rejecting his B1/B2 visa in 2005. They also consider him and Mamta Banerjee as the possible candidates to become the Prime Minister of India in the near future, and hence are softening their stand on him.

Narendra Modi is also quite tech savvy and has a twitter account, which he uses actively, as well as a You Tube channel where you can watch many of his videos on various topics. I wish we had many more leaders like him in India.


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