Got a chance to catch up on the fourth one day international match between India and England today. India beat England quite convincingly once again. After getting beaten by England in England 5-0, now I guess it is India’s turn to beat England 5-0. England appeared to be the unbeatable team when in England they showed clear supremacy over India in the matches just a month back. Now, it is the exact opposite here in India – Indians dominating the English team in every single match.

What is going on here? Is it the usual reason that the local players know the local conditions much better and are exploiting it well? Or is it that the local pitches are well prepared to suit the home team?

Whatever the case is, such one sided matches are definitely not good for the game in the long run. Who would ever want to watch the fifth match in a five match series, where the home team has beaten the visitors comprehensively in every one of the four matches so far.

Dhoni’s style of talking in the press conference is quite admirable, where he does not want to use the word ‘revenge’ to term what India is doing to England right now. Similarly, he also explains how the plan was to win every single match in England, but it never happened – it is good to see him talk about things as they are. Rather than saying it is payback time and trying to boast about how well the team has turned the tables around.