I came to know about the FIDE Women’s Grand Prix in Chess held at Nalchik this month. I did not realize until today that there is a separate chess championship for women. Why this discrimination?

I understand that by nature on an average, men are physically stronger than women. Naturally, it justifies the need for separate track and field events and other sports events where physical strength plays an important role.

But why in Chess?

I do understand the need for separate categories based on age – as the mental growth is different at different age levels, but I am still not able to understand why we would have a separate event for women in Chess. I consider the average woman to be equally smart to the average man. If my premise is correct, then I really have to find out why we need a separate category for women in chess, and why we cannot have a single category for every one.

If any one of you know the real reason please let me know. Even otherwise, do let me know if you think we should have a separate one for women.