India completed the 5-0 whitewash as hoped by many Indians around the world.

This is the second consecutive time that England have lost all the one-day matches in the series in India. This only emphasises the point that Indian cricket team has always been extremely strong on the home grounds. Their performances overseas are still very shaky though.

There are many comments all over the place about this series win. One comment made about the 5-0 whitewash by India, by a friend of mine, Santosh, was quite funny:

It is Diwali and the Indians have kept to the tradition of white washing !!! We have been very considerate to the English cricket team as well providing them a flavour of our hospitality.


Dhoni’s press conference after the game is quite interesting as he cautiously takes credit for this and at the same time talks about how the bowling area has to be improved.

While I was watching this video, I noticed an interesting mistake and quickly took a screenshot of it. See if you can notice how they mentioned Dhoni as England Captain by mistake. oops 🙂