Went to Big Cinemas last night to watch Boss Engira Baskaran movie. This movie supposedly has Arya and Nayanthara in the lead role, but I would say Santhanam plays the lead role in this movie.

The story goes this way. Oh wait, there is no story, so the movie goes this way. There is one guy Arya, who is jobless and has a dont care attitude – just like our Ranbir Kapoor in Ajab Prem Ki Gazab Kahani, Dhanush in Polladhavan and many more heroes who have been used for executing this age old formula. (May be I should start naming these formulas and see which movie fits into which formula 🙂 ). The movie has too many scenes focusing on the fact that Arya is jobless and careless guy – Hello Director, Mr.Rajesh, we get it – next time please (if there is one), please try to cut the number of times you try to help us understand old formulas.

Arya falls in love with Nayanthara, who I guess is getting more roles as a good looking teacher – she was a teacher in Aegan too. This is the first movie of Arya’s that I am watching in a theatre and I guess he is one of those smart looking heroes in Tamil movie industry, who have not been able to make it big. I guess he also knows it and openly accepts it in one scene, saying Rajini-Kamal, Vijay-Ajit, Vikram-Simbu, while all these leading actors are there, where would he stand a chance in movie industry 🙂 .

Nayanthara has done one more performance of hers. Not sure how I describe it. By now, I have seen many many movies of Nayanthara and I am not able to understand what is so good in her that she is getting this many roles. Her acting is ok, but definitely not worth getting repeated movies – so there should be something in her, which I am not able to understand. In any case, she comes, acts and goes!

Santhanam has been emerging in Tamil Cinema industry as a good comedian, who has perfected the art of ‘timing jokes’ which was unique to a few people like Vivek and Kamal (through Crazy Mohan’s dialogues). The audience look forward to every word that Santhanam speaks as it is extremely funny and relative to the context. One big advantage he has is that he does not use much of vulgarity, though I would love to see him eliminate vulgarity from his jokes, which would make him a comedian for all ages.

Jeeva comes in the end with a guest appearance and the director realized he did not know how to end the movie and decided to directly tell the audience the same 🙂 .

Overall, this movie has no script, no story and just a bunch of incidents joined together with one guy Santhanam pushing the movie along with his good jokes. I am very sure this movie will be a hit in theatres in Chennai and nearby where people appreciate good jokes, but definitely this movie is a flop one in my ratings. If I want jokes, I can watch the comedy compilations shown on TV, why would I go to a theatre just for jokes without story line!!

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