This is a personal blog and some of you might find it boring.

Some of my close friends know that I prefer vegetarian food. This actually leads to interesting discussion as to whether I am a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian (called in the US as ‘meat eater’). I call myself as ‘Preferred Vegetarian’ (not even sure if it is grammatically correct, but who cares about gramers 🙂 )

I have tried many varieties of non-vegetarian dishes and in the past few years and a few years ago took a concious decision to try and avoid contributing to this slaughter as much as possible. That doesnt mean I will go hungry when I do not find vegetarian food. In the past ten years in the US, there has never been an occasion when I have not got vegetarian food in any place that I went to – except to friends place, where sometimes they just cook non-vegetarian dishes – in which case, I eat whatever is available.

I do eat egg, as I love it and so some people come and ask me why I eat egg and not any other non-vegetarian item. Since I do not have an answer, I tell them waht I know – ie. I dont know, I just eat what I like. Very recently, I came to know that the white portion of the egg is a very good source of protein. The reason I mention it is because many times, some of my friends have told me that if I do not eat meat, I will not have any protein intake in my body. I am glad, by accident I found an answer to this, which helps me continue to eat what I like and still does not give me any obvious limitations in the protein, fat, carbohydrate, calcium or any such related ingredients.

So my overall view is that vegetarian food is not only delicious, but also healthy. While it is up to each person to decide what they want to eat, if you ask me, I will surely recommend to try and be a vegetarian.

As Menaka Gandhi says in her TV ad in India, ‘Be a Vegetarian, Achaa hai’ (Be a Vegetarian, It is Good)