I am paranoid about COVID because the graphs have shown very well that COVID is here to stay.

I am ok with COVID staying with us. We have embraced the flu for many generations now, COVID could also coexist.

The only thing I have been advising every single person I come across is this:

Let us maintain social distancing and proper hygiene to a level that we can delay the transmission of COVID by as much as possible so that there are sufficient ICU beds available over a period of time for the ones who need it the most.

Many people I know have been carrying on with their lives as though COVID has left the country.

When my colleague’s mother succumbed to COVID within one week of detection, I realised it not something that you just hear about, instead it is something that can hit anyone anytime.

My friends joke about me saying I will come out of the house only 2025. I am proud to say, yes, I am ready to stay locked indoors till 2025 if that is the one sure way I can save many lives by not being a asymptomatic carrier.

Stay Home. Stay Safe.

Pictures Courtesy: https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/