Now that we have Netflix on Wii, I am starting to watch more movies than before.

Got a chance to watch Kurbaan movie on Netflix as it was the online Hindi movie available (or atleast easily noticeable) when I was searching in Foriegn Language section.

Kurbaan starts with a romantic touch, continues with some serious mystery and ends with a flop, just like many other movies which lose their charm towards the end.

Kareena Kapoor is a young professor in Delhi who happens to meet Saif Ali Khan in the usual Hindi filmi style and later the two of them fall in love. They move to the US and then get entagled in a terrorist plot which then dominates the rest of the movie.

Saif Ali Khan looks very different in the movie with his emotionless looks in most of the movie.

Diya Mirza, one of my favourite actresses, comes for a few scenes and does her part quite well. It is unfortunate that she had to be sacrificed to thicken the plot in the movie 🙁

Vivek Oberoi comes as Diya Mirza’s colleague and fiancé, who decides to take a revenge on those responsible for the killing of Diya Mirza. He uses his skills to infiltrate into the inner circle of the terrorists, but appears like a sitting duck towards the end of the movie, at the mercy of the terrorists.

The one good thing about the movie is the plot. It has been laid out very well and has good twists at different points.

The songs are ok, nothing special about it.

Overall, we can watch this movie once, but doubt if it is worth going to a theatre to watch it.

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