This topic has come up for discussion many times in the past.

As we already know Sachin Tendulkar scored 200 not out in a one-day international against South Africa at Gwalior on 24-Feb-2010 to become the first man to score 200 runs in a one day match. (That is right ‘first man’ – there is already Belinda Clarke from Australia who has scored 229 not out in a World Cup women’s cricket match .. Details on Cricinfo website )

After this record breaking innings,there has been lot of talk about how great Sachin is. I have seen this pattern in the past – every time he scores well, he is called a genius, immortal, etc – comparing him to God. I personally know atleast a dozen people who consider him equivalent to God. Even I have said ‘My religion is Sports¬†and Sachin is our God’.

I have also seen people complain about him everytime India fails to click when he is in team. The standard complaint I hear is ‘Sachin is a waste, etc’. If we think more about this, we come to realize that it is not that the people are disappointed about his performance, but they are disappointed that he has not delivered to the high quality that he is considered to be capable of delivering consistently.

If you read my last sentence again and ask yourself, ‘From who do we generally expect such consistent performance every single time’? The only answer that comes to my mind is God.¬† What do you think?