Now there is another twist to this ‘Pakistani Players not selected for IPL3’ topic.

Shah Rukh Khan, the owner of Kolkota Knight Riders, has come out in support of the decision for not taking players from Pakistan, stating that the decisions were taken due to various reasons, such as the security of the players, etc.

It appears Shiv Sena picked up the issue and objected to his comments heavily. They even went to the extent of stating that if his name is Khan, he should be in Pakistan. If he wants to take Pakistani players, he should be in Pakistan, etc.

These remarks appear to have caught Shah Rukh Khan’s direct attention and he has reacted angrily to it. It appears he has come out with his statements such as ‘Shiv Sena doesnt own Mumbai, they do not own every one’s right to speech’, etc etc.

Not sure if anyone here is realizing that when there is no news, comments like these make the headlines and people waste their time and energy talking about such things that are not constructive at all.

I really wish they try to do something useful rather than getting involved in such statements which benefit no one.