I play cricket and badminton here in New Jersey whenever I get a chance. Those have been my two favourite sports for many many years now. While I have been playing badminton whenever I could, I have not missed even one season in the past ten years of my life in the US.

After a gap of two years, I started going back to my badminton club, Central Jersey Badminton Club three days a week and I am thoroughly enjoying my time there. I am also playing two tournaments in the next three weeks, one in Pennsylvania called Mid Atlantic Badminton Tournament and one in New York called New York Badminton Tournament. It is going to be fun this year as I have found a very good doubles partner after a gap of ten years 🙂 – yeah Manoj, I just found a kid called Vraj Desai and he reminds me of you, but without the talking 🙂

On the cricket side, today, we are starting our cricket practice for this year and the official matches will start very soon.

I play for two leagues: NJ Soft Ball Cricket League and NJ Premier Cricket League. Both these leagues use hard tennis ball and our games are around two to three hours of duration each.

Many often I have told people that Sports is my religion, one religion which teaches us discipline and it has helped me a lot in my life, not just in helping me stay healthy, but also in helping me stay focused, motivated and committed in anything I do.

In any case, I am looking forward to this summer for some exciting games both in badminton as well as in cricket. Will keep you posted.